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Which Russian places are worth visiting to remember the journey for long? Which national dishes to taste in order to dare cook them by yourself? What souvenirs to get for friends apart from balalaika and ushanka-hat? These are probably the questions that linger in the mind of every tourist planning a trip to Russia. Our Travel Guide will help find the answers!

Great journey

Must-Visit Places in Russia

Interesting itineraries are available both in winter and in summer. All types of scenery, climates, fauna and flora, amazing landscapes and nature reserves create a vast number of tourist itineraries.

Top 10 Most Interesting Museums

We present to you a selection of the 10 most unusual and interesting museums in Russia, from a functioning model of the country to a real submarine.

Top 10 Unusual Sites

Did you know there's a salt lake in Russia with water almost identical to the one in the Dead Sea? Or an active volcano that 'grows' right out of the lake? Here's a list of 10 unusual places in our country.

Top 10 Ideas for Active Leisure

Do you like adventures? Come to Russia. Skating on the ice of Lake Baikal, dog sledges, the northern lights on the coast of the Barents Sea and bungee jumping high in the mountains await you!

Delicious brands: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok

Rye, the Roots and Origins of Russian cuisine

They say this is mind-blowing for the foreigners. A soup with soda water? A meat-broth jelly? Herring and beetroot in one salad? All these are a part of classical Russian cuisine traditions.

Russia and the Ocean: Far East Cuisine Specialties

Tasting Russian traditional borscht and pasties is better to the west of the Ural Mountains. By the coast of the Pacific Ocean you will be offered to taste some very special food, the inemitable Far East seafood.

Offerings of Forests, Fields and Frenchmen: Russian National Cuisine

For almost a century Russians can’t help having their New Year's meal without Olivier salad. This traditional Russian dish is of French origin. What are the other things that the Russian cuisine owes to the French one?

Islamic Cuisine from the Banks of the Volga River

Lamb and mutton. Rice. Flatbread and fatty meat-broths. All these are a part of ancient cuisine traditions of the Tatars, Russia’s second largest ethnic group.

From Russia... with love

Funny Gifts

What can you bring to your friends from Russia if they already have an ushanka ear flap hat, a balalaika, and a pet bear? Sooner or later tourists start to ask themselves this question puzzled by the variety of Russian souvenirs.

Eco Foods

More and more middle-class city dwellers in Russia tend to be scrupulous about their diet, i.e. they do care where, how and who grew fruits and vegetables that they eat as well as how the milk they drink was produced, processed and stored.

Fashion Brands

Matryoshka dolls, caviar, and balalaikas are not the only things that you can bring as a souvenir from Russia. It is de bon ton to wear clothes by Russian fashion designers. In Russia you will find fashion brands for every taste and budget.


Diamonds, gold, and amber… jewels from Russia have always been popular with foreign tourists. Being rich in natural resources and talented craftsmen, the country offers jewels for every taste and budget.

Mysterious and wonderful

Russia and Its Mysteries

Traveling to Russia will be a perfect option for those who want to get memorable impressions and dive into the world of amazing secrets and adventures.

Secrets of Moscow Metro

Moscow metro is a large transportation system, a beloved tourist attraction, a wonder of architecture and decoration.

From Russia... with Mystery

Russia has a lot of places associated with fascinating legends and beliefs.

The Most Mysterious Museum Exhibits of Russia

There are a lot of exhibits in museums of Russia, which are associated with legends, superstitions or simply interesting stories.

Interesting destinations for extreme tourism

Active Recreation, or Extreme Activities Available in Russia

The number of fans of outdoor activities in Russia is constantly growing, and at the same time, its new types are emerging.

Downhill Extreme

Everything necessary is provided for those who want to add a bit of spice to their lives and fill the ranks of extreme sport fans in Russia.

From Hot to Cold, or Places to Spend Your Vacation in Russia

The variety of traveling options around Russia sometimes becomes a problem when choosing the next tourist route.

Unique Experience, or Things You Should Do on Vacation in Russia

Matryoshka, balalaika and bears that allegedly walk the streets have long ceased to be the main associations with Russia.

Sail the seven seas: water bodies of Russia

Shape of Water: a Patchwork of Russia's Bodies of Water

Mirror-like lakes, majestic lowland and mountain rivers, grand glaciers and snowfields, kilometers of mystic swamps, picturesque waterfalls, mind-blowing geysers — probably all types of bodies of water can be found on the Russian map.

From Volga to Yenisei: Most Famous Rivers and Lakes of Russia

All the world knows that water is the cradle of life on earth, while big bodies of water are the source of humankind development.

Planet Baikal: Lake of Records

The words "Baikal" and "most" are found side by side incredibly often: Baikal is the deepest lake in Russia, the deepest freshwater and cleanest lake on the planet, and one of the oldest on Earth.

Everybody Knows Them: Most Famous Water Bodies of Russia

Any country has unique objects with which it is associated in minds of tourists and travelers.


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