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Times & Epochs is the name of Russia’s main historic festival, one of the world’s biggest events of the kind. It is held since 2011 in Kolomenskoe open-air museum and every year there is a different theme, Like the Muscovia, Ancient Rus, Middle Ages, World War I, Ancient Rome or the Thousand Swords Battle. In 2017, it was for the first time that the festival events took place on 30 locations in the streets of Moscow. It lasted for 12 days and displayed all the periods of human history. Almost 1,000 participants of the total 6,000 came from abroad.

Moving from one location to another, guests will have a chance to see with their own eyes a knightly tournament, a cavalcade of Catherine the Great, a Roman warcamp, or a battle between the Russians and the Vikings. Merchants, craftsmen, warriors, musicians, engineers, and stunt performers came here from all over the world to present their groundwork. Theatrical performances, training sessions, fairs, playing areas for children, sightseeing by experienced guides, spectacular combat performances and interactive sites. This list of the festival events is far from being complete. All these ideas are generated by re-enactors from all over the world!

The organizers promise to make the next year Times & Epochs festival the world’s biggest historic festival using the locations on the ground, on water and even in the air.


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