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Traveling to Russia is always a big question consisting of small and easy ones: where to stay for the night, where to go, what to see, where to have a tasty meal, what souvenirs to bring. But there are such unusual ones as, for example, where to take the best selfie, how to take part in a knight tournament, which music festival to attend? We've collected answers to a wide variety of questions that curious tourists might have.

Russia’s Golden Ring: the Charm of Old Places

The Golden Ring is a famous tourist itinerary encompassing the oldest cities of the central part of European Russia.

Theater, Opera and Literature: in the wake of the Russian cultural heritage

Travelling about Russia, you will get a chance to know more of the heritage by the country’s national imaginative genius.

From Kaliningrad to Chukotka: the most beautiful places of Russia

Kaliningrad is 10,000 km away from the Far East. What are the must-see places on the way? Let us check it out

Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the Two Capital Cities of Russia

About half of the tourist traffic is received by either Moscow or St. Petersburg. These two cities, located in the European part of Russia secretly compete for the title of the country’s capital.

Yes, I did it! Russia's Top 10 Places for Taking a Perfect Selfie.

The monumental artifacts of the Soviet era, the splendor of architecture of the Russian Empire, the diversities of the post-Soviet living… Once you are in Russia, you are guaranteed to have hundreds of Likes. All you need is the right spot for taking photos.

Following the Varangians

Traveling in the environs of Saint Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod you can get back in time and touch the history of the most mysterious tribe of the ancient Rus.

The Silver Necklace of Russia

The Silver Necklace of Russia can be called an analog of the famous Golden Ring tourist route.

Musical Russia: 10 Most Exciting Festivals of the Summer 2018

Journey, music, adventures, dozens of new friends, and summer.

The Russian Arctic: a Dream Adventure

The Northern Sea Route is the shortest route between the European part of Russia and the Far East.

Experience the Taste of Life

Today, ethnographic, event-driven and artisanal types of tourism are in trend, and it is quite understandable.

Russia as a Center of Contemporary Art

Russian artists are known throughout the world, including as the founders of contemporary art.

Unusual Russian Cuisine

Many believe that Russian cuisine is vodka and pancakes, caviar and pies, dumplings and borsch.

Best Places in Russia for Large-Group Vacations

To get an unforgettable experience of traveling to Russia, it is best to come here with a large group.


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